Complaints procedure:

This procedure applies to both Health and Fitness Testing New Zealand and Peter Halstead Physiotherapy. These are the 2 trading names under the company Health and Fitness Testing New Zealand Limited (HFTNZ).

While HFTNZ, its employees and directors always do their best to provide health and fitness testing services and physiotherapy that meets the expectations of its customers, there may be some circumstances where a customer may wish to make a complaint.  In such circumstances, HFNZ will facilitate the fair, simple, speedy, and efficient resolution of such complaints.

In reviewing and dealing with a complaint, HFTNZ will:

- inform the customer about progress on the complaint at intervals of not more than 1 month;

- comply with all the other relevant rights in the HDC Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights Regulation 1996;

- acknowledge the complaint in writing within 5 working days of receipt, unless it has been resolved to the satisfaction of the customer within that period;

- inform the customer of any relevant internal and external complaints procedures, including the availability of: (i) independent advocates provided under the Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994; and (ii) The Health and Disability Commissioner;

- document the customer’s complaint and HFTNZ’s actions regarding that complaint;

- provide the customer with all information held by HFTNZ that is or may be relevant to the complaint;

- within 10 working days of giving written acknowledgement of a complaint, HFTNZ will decide whether it accepts that the complaint is justified or does not accept that the complaint is justified;

- if HFTNZ decides that more time is needed to investigate the complaint, it will determine how much additional time is needed and if that additional time is more than 20 working days, inform the customer of that determination and of the reasons for it;

- as soon as practicable after HFTNZ decides whether or not it accepts that a complaint is justified, it will inform the customer of: (i) the reasons for the decision, (ii) any actions HFTNZ proposes to take, (iii) any appeal procedure HFTNZ has in place.