The answer to this question is simple, however it confuses many people. 
Does muscle weigh more than fat?

The short answer is NO. 1kg of muscle weighs the same as 1kg of fat.

Muscle has a much greater density than fat, meaning it takes up less volume than an equal mass of fat. This explains why it’s possible to get visibly slimmer without a significant drop in weight.

Although muscle weighs the same as fat, it has now been clearly shown that the higher your body fat percentage, the more at risk you are to cardiovascular disease, stroke and many other health problems.

If you are tracking your progress this year, consider using multiple ways to do so because your weight alone won't tell the whole story.

Health and Fitness Testing NZ tips:
    • Track your steps per day using a Fitbit or other tracking device
    • Record the distance you walk or run each day
    • Have your girth measurements and body fat % tested
    • Track your cholesterol and diabetes
    • Take a fitness test (e.g. yoyo or beep test)
    • Record what level you are using on the cycle in the gym or your favourite piece of cardio equipment

Using the weight on the scales as your only measure of success often leads to much disappointment, demotivation, and exercise drop out. Don't fall into this trap this year.