Add the WOW-factor to your wellness regime
Help Staff Prevent Pain & Discomfort at Work - Ask about our FREE Posture & Pain Prevention Workshop
Help staff make more informed, health decisions
All Staff can access results privately online 24/7
Prevent Pain & Discomfort before it is too late
70% of Adults are Visual Learners - Visualise Staff Progress in hundreds of different ways
Before/After Comparisons for Workplace Health Challenges
Track Full Body Measurements to ensure Muscle Gain & Fat Loss in the right areas
Full On-site Health WOF Available
On-site Cholesterol, Diabetes, Blood Pressure Testing Available

"Thank you for delivering an awesome service to our people. It was a pleasure working with you - all of the feedback I have received has been extremely positive", Phillippa Powell, Well-Being Lead, CHORUS

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Body scan - Weight Loss
Body scan - Weight Loss