7 tips to improve your portion sizes 

  1. Buy 3 drink bottles - one for home, work, and the car. Fill them up regularly with water only.
  2. Use (or buy) and smaller plate/bowel
  3. Use smaller serving spoons
  4. Ensure 50% or more of all main meals are made up of vegetables
  5. Invest in smaller (and various sizes) of Tupperware/containers AND buy lots of them
  6. Put leftovers in a container at the same time as serving your meals
  7. Wait at least 20 minutes after finishing your meal before considering eating more 


Food Portion Size Guidelines

Food portion sizes can have a HUGE affect on weight/body fat gain and weight/body fat loss. Your portion size requirements can vary depending on your exercise status, age, sex, training goals etc.

As a general rule, when trying to lose weight (per meal), you should be aiming for:

1 x portion of protein (e.g. chicken, beef, fish etc)

2 x portions of vegetables 

1 x portion of carbs (potato, kumara, brown rice etc)

1 x portion of fats

*Men, depending on size, may need to have up to double that of women. 

*Water should be a dominant drink with all meals and consumed throughout the day.

The graphic below from Precision Nutrition gives you a visual indication of what this should look like.