Myth: Doing lots of sit ups and abdominal training will give you abs

  • You cannot choose where you put on or lose body fat. Your genetics, age, hormones, sex and other factors outside of your control determine this. Doing sit ups alone will not give you abs.  
  • Doing sit ups and a lot of abdominal training may make your abs and core stronger. However, if you stay at 30% body fat, you will never be able to see your stomach like someone with 10% body fat would be able to.

Health and Fitness Testing NZ Tips:

  • If you want a flat stomach, the first thing to focus on is your nutrition plan. Many dietitians would suggest that 85% of body fat loss is due to what you eat.
  • Focus on full body exercises and movements when exercising. Sitting, doing bicep curls or lying doing sit ups will burn significantly less energy than a lunge with a twist or a squat with a shoulder press. When trying to burn body fat, it is energy that you are trying to burn.

Written by: Peter Halstead                                               

MPhty, PGDipSportMed, BSpEx

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