How to work out your Heart Age

If you have had an Advanced Test Pack with us, you will now be able to work out your Heart Age. Please note, there are 2 different versions of your heart age. One includes you Body Mass Index (BMI) in the algorythm and the other includes your Cholesterol Results, specifically your Total Cholesterol and HDL results. It is likely that both versions will give you different numbers however for better long term health, your objective is to have both versions LOWER than your actual age.

Before using the 'Lipids' online Heart Age calculator below, you will need to convert your Total Cholesterol and HDL results from mmol/l to mgdl. You can quickly do this here. Before using the BMI version, you will need to work out your BMI here

Now, you can work out your Heart Age using the online calculators below:

Please choose the 'interactive' versions

Heart Age including Lipids can be found here 

Heart Age including BMI can be found here 

If you have any questions about the results please email 

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