Myth: The best way to make your hips or glutes smaller is to perform exercises that isolate the area

Fact: It is physiologically impossible to spot reduce fat. You cannot choose what area’s in the body you lose fat 1st. Typically, the first place you tend to gain body fat is the last place you lose it from.

There are so many options and opinions on the most efficient way to lose body fat. Many companies promise fast fat loss however many of those who lose weight too quickly put it back on (and even more) within 12-18 months after. If you want to make long-lasting changes to your body composition, including body fat %, it takes a lot of dedication and a combination of good nutrition and exercise.

Health and Fitness Testing NZ Tips:

To maximise your time you want to burn as much energy as possible within a workout session. There is good evidence supporting large, whole body movements, using a combination of resistance training and cardio training. Whether this is done with interval training or continuous training is still up for debate. This training, in combination with a well-balanced eating regime is most likely to give you long term results.

If you are serious about making changes you need a good reason WHY. Find this reason, get some guidance from a well-qualified/experienced dietician and personal trainer, and then make a plan to achieve your goals.