Myth: If you go to the gym or consistently exercise for 30 minutes/day you will have great health

Exercising for 30 minutes/day 5 x week is a positive step towards achieving better health. However, please remember this is the minimum recommended requirement for health benefits. If you do more, you will get more benefits.

Keep in mind, great health is a result of being on top of all sorts of things including, spiritual, emotional, physical, and psychological health.

One weight loss study showed that those who exercised once/day for 30 minutes actually did less movement outside of that exercise session than those who didn’t exercise that day.

Health and Fitness Testing NZ Tips:

If you are new to exercise, slowly build up. Any exercise is better than none, however, if you are a regular exerciser, why not add in the odd longer session per week

Always remember to spend some time each year/week working on other aspects of your health. For example, put in your diary that every 3 months you are going to spend a week exploring/reviewing your mental health or nutrition practices.

If you have a seated job, go for a 10-minute walk at least 3 times per day. It’s not just your physical health that will be better off. You may feel more alert and less stressed afterwards. Research has also shown that you may live significantly longer just by moving regularly.  

Written by: Peter Halstead                                               

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