Myth: The more reps you do, the stronger you will get

This myth is slightly controversial. If you are untrained, or very weak, and you increase the amount of repetitions you do of a certain exercise/weight, this may result in some strength gains. However, if you are trying to build pure strength, this is usually done by lifting very heavy weights under 6 reps.

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Many people that are new to the gym or weight training are too keen to jump in it too quickly. They soon develop poor training habits, get injured, or over train.

If you are new to weight training, it is not advised that you jump straight in and start lifting maximal weights. Just like a new sport or a new skill, proper weight lifting techniques can take years to master. Slowly build up your weights and vary your reps, or, better yet, get some advice from a qualified personal trainer. If they care about your long-term health and well-being they will spend time with you teaching you the correct lifting techniques and teaching you how to structure your yearly training plan before you start lifting the heavy stuff.

Written by: Peter Halstead                                               

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