Myth: Strength training will make women bulk up

It's generally harder for women to bulk up from a normal strength-training routine. Women don’t have as much testosterone as men making it harder for them to bulk up. For most, bulking up occurs if you nail the combination of resistance training and appropriate nutrition.

2 days/week of strength/resistance training is recommended by the American Council of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for general health. If weight loss is your goal, strength training can help give you a leaner look. Some research also reports that the more lean muscle you have (I’m not talking about bulk) the more calories you will burn when you rest.

Strength training can also help women prevent osteoporosis and falls later in life.

Health and Fitness Testing NZ Tip:

Include strength training in your exercise regime at least twice/week. If your aim is weight loss and toning, perform large multi-muscle group movements, not just standing still doing a bicep curl

Written by Peter Halstead MPhty, PGDipSportMed, BSpEx