Myth: Doing cardio is the best way to lose weight

If weight loss is your goal, running endless kilometres on the treadmill isn’t always the best approach. Yes, in combination with the correct eating regime, traditional cardio workouts will help create a day-to-day calorie deficit, which for most will help them lose weight.

If you are after longer term weight loss and maintenance of weight lost you should consider including some resistance training into you weekly regime. Although there is some debate about the intensity, length of time, and the exact exercise that should be included, it is now recognised that the combination of resistance training and cardiovascular exercise (running, cycling, swimming etc) is the best way to exercise for weight loss. However, maybe what is even more important is what you eat and drink.

Health and Fitness Testing NZ Tips:

Combine cardio and resistance training to assist with weight loss. Once you have built up to it, high intensity interval training may be the most effective use of your time.

Create and adhere to an appropriate nutrition plan. There are many myths regarding nutrition for weight loss. Some products can be harmful to your long-term health. Having a couple of appointments with a registered dietician is recommended.

Written by Peter Halstead MPhty, PGDipSportMed, BSpEx