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Workstation Set Up, Prevent Pain and Improve Posture at Home - Online Workshop for businesses



  • Prevent pain and discomfort whilst working in a new at-home environment
  • Create a positive environment in which staff members can continue to thrive whilst working from home
  • Improve staff productivity whilst working from home
  • Prevent time off work!


This seminar is perfect for any business who wants to ensure their staff set themselves up properly in the new at-home work environment


Workshop details:

  • Discuss (incl diagrams and pictures) how to set up your desk at home
  • Provide advice on the best home work environment to thrive
  • Discuss the use of adjuncts (e.g. cushions, wood, books, boxes etc) to enhance comfort
  • Recommend and practice some key exercises/movements to prevent pain and overuse injury whilst working from home
  • Provide advice on the importance of regular movement whilst in isolation


"Thank you for delivering an awesome service to our people.  It was a pleasure working with you and all of the feedback I have received has been extremely positive", Phillippa Powell, Head of Well-Being, Chorus


Seminar Time:

30 minutes + 15 minutes for questions





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