Wētā FX Health Test FAQs 2024


Will I be told what to do pre test?

Once you have booked an appointment online, your confirmation email will include a link to 'pre-test instructions'. You can view these in advance here: https://healthandfitnesstesting.nz/resources/pre-test-instructionsweta/ . It is very important that you read and complete all steps in the pre-test instructions prior to your health test.

What dates are tests being conducted at Wētā FX?

March 21 - April 8th 2024

Is there a video I can watch of the health tests?

Yes, watch the video at the top of this page. It is a few years' old however will give you an idea of the type of tests we are offering.

How can I book my Fit3d Body Scan or Health Test?

Go to this link and scroll to the bottom of the page https://www.healthandfitnesstesting.nz/wetafx2024/

Note: Spaces are limited and this event sold out every year the past 5 years 

Cost, time and Payment?

Wētā FX have significantly subsidised the cost. You will only pay:

$27 Fit3d Body Scan only (15 min), $102 Full Health WOF (30 min)

You will pay for your Health Test online, at the time of booking.

Where will the health tests be held?

127 Wexford Road, access via Wexford Road, Miramar 

Weta Test Location2

Who will be conducting my health test?

In 2024 our team will consist of 1 paramedic/Pilates Instructor, and our director who is a Physiotherapist/Sports Scientist. 

Can my family/friends have these tests too?

Our testing at Wētā FX is strictly for Wētā FX crew members only.

Friends and family members are of course welcome to have tests in our Featherston St, Wellington CBD clinic any time after April 8th 2024. After April 8th, they can book online. 

Who will have access to my results?

Health and Fitness Testing NZ Staff/contractors and Fit3d administration will have access to all your test results. We will NOT share your results with Wētā FX.

Is the Fit3D Body Composition Scanner Safe?

Yes! The infrared cameras use the same technology as Microsoft Kinect, which has over 20 million users in the USA alone. It is even safe for those who are pregnant or who have artificial implants/joints.

When you stand on the scanner platform it will rotate very slowly. There are handles for you to hold onto. Fit3d Scanners perform more than one scan every 20 seconds in over 70 countries - there are no known injuries from scanning. 

Do I need to take my clothes off in front of anyone to have a Fit3D Body Scan?

No. For the most accurate scan results you are strongly recommended to scan in your underwear however for your comfort, you will be left in a private space by yourself to scan.

Can I eat, drink, exercise before my test?

For most accurate results, do not perform vigorous exercise in the 3 hours prior to your test. Light exercise is ok (e.g. stretching, walking)

Do not have a large meal or drink large amounts within 3 hours of your test. Water is ok. 

When will I receive my results?

The majority of your Fit3D results, including a private online 3D image of yourself, will be available within 5 minutes of your scan (very dependent on internet speed). Your posture report will usually take 30 minutes to process however it can take up to 72 hours. 

Health WOF results will be provided to you before you finish your appointment however if there are internet delays, they may be emailed to you at a later date. 

How can I learn more about my posture?

You will be provided with a few self-help video links to learn more about your posture in a post test follow up email. You can also email our director/physiotherapist if there are additional questions.

I'm excited! When will I be able to have a re-test?

Our health tests enable you to make more informed, holistic decisions about your health and wellness regime. Our tests are most effective when you track your progress regularly and systematically over time. Regular scanning and health tests give you reliable, holistic feedback that the scales alone cannot. Ideally we would like to re-test on-site again 1 year from now however this is a long time away. If you decide to use this experience as a nudge, you are welcome to re-test in our Wellington CBD clinic whenever you like at your own cost. We even offer unlimited self-scan packages for those wanting to use our Fit3d Body Scanner regularly.

Ready to BOOK NOW?

Go to this link and scroll to the bottom of the page https://www.healthandfitnesstesting.nz/wetafx2024/

I have a question?

Please contact peter@healthandfitnesstesting.nz for all other questions.

We look forward to working with you :)


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