What is your Blood Pressure?

Your heart pumps blood around your body through a network of vessels (tubes) called arteries. With each heartbeat the blood pushes against the artery walls. The strength of this 'pushing' is your blood pressure. 

A blood pressure reading contains two numbers and will be written as a figure like 120/75 (this is said as '120 over 75'.)

The first (top) number is the pressure when your heart beats (systolic pressure). The second (bottom) number is when your heart relaxes (diastolic pressure).


If you had a High Blood Pressure Reading, here are 5 things you can do RIGHT NOW improve your blood pressure

1. Lose weight and Body Fat

If your Body Fat %, Body Shape Rating, and Waist circumference are not in the 'green zone' on your Fit3d Body Scan report NOW is the time to improve this. Here are 10 steps you can begin today to improve your body composition and weight (for health).


2. Exercise More

Start doing regular cardiovascular/aerobic exercise. If you are not used to regular exercise, the key is to find something you enjoy and start doing it once/week. Examples include walking, cycling, dance class, boxing, swimming, team sports etc. Over time, if you want to maximise your health, you should be aiming to meet the Ministry of Health's Exercise target each week.


3. Have your blood pressure tested again within 3 months

Make a reminder on your phone or calendar for 3 months time and either book in with your GP or contact Health and Fitness Testing NZ to have your blood pressure checked again.


4. Sort out what you are eating/drinking!

NZ-wide you can book an appointment with our dietitians and get 1:1 advice to suit your needs and situation. If this is not in your budget, start doing some self-research online. This article would be a good place to start.


5. Manage Stress

Chronic stress can lead to increased Blood Pressure. If stress is having a negative impact on your health (and you have not explored ways to improve your stress) NOW is the time to act. Here are 5 things you can do right now to improve your stress levels.


Additional Resources

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