3D Body Scanner

Fit3d are the most popular mobile 3d Body Composition Scanners in the whole WORLD. If you scan with Fit3d your data will be meaningful.

Our Fit3d Body Scanners will enable you to gain an accurate baseline and allow you to make informed decisions regarding your training/nutrition over a lifetime. Fit3d take away the guess work.

After one 40-second scan you will receive hundreds of metrics. All the main metrics will be graphed and compared every time you scan. We have included some (not all) examples of Fit3d's features below. If you have any questions please email our director peter@healthandfitnesstesting.nz. 

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bsr chart posture2 bmr  bf snip balance scales waist chart

Full body scanner

Safe, Accurate, and Reliable

The 3 infrared 3D cameras use the same technology as Microsoft Kinect, which has over 20 million users in the USA alone. It is completely safe, even for those who are pregnant or who have artificial implants/joints.

Scan in 40 Seconds

In just 40 seconds the Fit3D ProScanner will take a complete 3D, 360° body scan and extract the most commonly used fitness/health measurements to display. It is perfect for boot camps, challenges, or those wanting to compare exercise/diet regimes.

Measure total body & individual limb volume

With one scan, over 400 body measurements are taken. This allows you to compare total body AND individual limb volume. This feature is great for those wanting to compare muscle imbalances, prevent injuries, and gain body symmetry

Detailed Reports

Motivation plus! Your individualised online report includes a 3D, 360° body image and key measurements. You will also receive a full posture report (front, back and side analysis) and hundreds of metrics. Upon request, reports can also be shared with your personal trainer, coach, or doctor.

Track progress

You no longer need to rely on bits of paper around the house or multiple excel spreadsheets that get lost. Your online reports will also accurately compare your first scan to any future scans. This will include graphs, 3D image comparison, posture analysis, and even comparison to normative health data.

Create a 3D online image and print it out

This is probably the coolest feature of the Fit3D ProScanner. You will be able to view your online 3D image 24/7 on your phone, tablet, or computer. And we have even gained access to the technology to print out a 3D image of you.

Here’s how others have found the Fit3D ProScanner:
32 years

“The 3D body scanner has done wonders for my weight loss journey. I have found it to be very accurate. The 3D body print that I received sits on my desk at work. It's been a great reminder to get my arse down to the gym"

48 years

“I have always struggled to stay motivated to continue an exercise regime. The 3D body scanner, in combination with some great guidance from my personal trainer has enabled me to stay on track for the longest period ever. Being able to visualise my progress 24/7 has literally been a life saver”

Fit3D ProScanner in the media: